Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Should be studying for pm's test due 2moro.Well still slacking thou.Juz finish cs script for scene one.Head bursting to think of de other so my team members shall do their job.I'll juz help when they need.I always feel to tired whenever sch starts.Very lethargic in class especially morning lessons.And tend to fall asleep in de late afternoon n end up sleep late at nite agn.This routine goes on n on.When full shift starts it'll be worse.Bio clock totally screwed!

Aft tis wk it'll be more relaxing alrd.Juz need to divide my time to everything tt need to be done n ppl whom i wanna spend time wit.I still dunno y.Despite how u treat me n hw ur thots of me have changed over de time,I still cnt help thinking of de past,thinking of u.But it aint gonna change anything i noe.But i wont forget ur gd.Nw i've someone tt made me feel happier its ok.I'll juz think of u once in a while.It doesnt bother me tt much anymore.

Keep thinking of ways to save $600 for a new BB.And i dun think its gonna happen.Tis mth i might end up w/o any savings cuz i gave mummy almost half of my pay.And she so selfish!Grrr~Dun wanna talk bout it.Next mth pay com time to buy new yr clothes.How?Work more only covering more bills.Fml.Ouh well~~~

Cnt wait for tis wk to end!Kbox on fri^^

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