Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too many things bothering me yet busy is keeping me occupied at times.Wk 1 one sch is over n wk 2 n starting.For others its wk 3 alrd.This is honeymoon many would say before full shift's horror starts.Sigh i really dunno wat to do.Wit so may things piling up.Which first which next n all.Everything is so messed up.And an issue im always stressed is vitamin M.Fml much.Leaving these aside to slowly do whatever i cn.I aint wat superwoman.Thr's only 1 me.

On a lighter tone,i had a blast 2day at work.With nic,yy jiaqi n farisha.Awesome time since ages ago.Ytd bernice juz said i looked so dull cuz i was so quiet n aziera said i was grumpy or smth lyk tt..Juz many things gg thru my mind.Thinking of solutions but not exactly ultimate ones.I need my superman)):

Life's back to de daily mundane routine.Sch n work.So wat's new?Tis grping for classical wit my classmates im pretty satisfied.I hope tep i wont be split frm de closer ones.Trying to enjoying every moment of life.

When i see ppl arnd me achieve their goals n satisfied wit their success i always qns myself y cant i?Filled wit envy.I never fail to feel disappointed in myself.I tried.,Perhaps it aint enough.Im probably too lazy finding excuses to procrastinate whatever tt should be done.I dunno wat i wan in life,wat i wanna be in future or even planned anything for de future.Juz taking baby steps afraid to face de undetermined obstacles ahead.Im juz a coward in life.I'll never find myself if i go on tis way.And daring is always my say.So y nt go ahead tis time?

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