Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello?Idk y i cnt sleep so here am i.Fb is boring me alrd,tweeples are mostly asleep n i loaded G.G bt dun feel lyk watching it.Btw tt pig of mine is snoring away.Super bored ttm!I wanna hurry get a new bb)): tis locok nokia phone is useless!other den msg n call which is all i cn do.Cnt even set alarm man.No freaking tone except for tis short vibration-.- *hint hint*

Got a call frm sch ytd.Most of us did anw.Was given de opportunity to go for an interview to see if we cn pass.If yes, full shift stopover will be at UOB alexandra smth luh.Quite far cux nearest mrt station is lyk queenstown or harbourfront.Part of me one to pass tis interview to experience smth diff.Bt on de other hand,thr's many factors worrying me.One would be work.Aiya if cn pass den see hw luh.

Should drink a cup of water to calm myself frm whatever tts gg on my mind n try to sleep nw,else i'll be super tired at work 2moro.

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