Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Same Ol

Been same ol same ol.I dun find much excitement anymore.Effing bored ttm!Bf's schooling/working,friends are schooling/working as well,close cousin in ns leaving me no1 n nth for me except G.G everyday.I aint one tt cn stare at de com screen for hrs w/o getting restless n bored.Shopping?Well no vitamin M.Payday is a wk ltr)): Thus tis 2 wks is totally lyk redundant.Nw i wan sch to hurry start.

Shall do smth new in my current life.Im kinda happy bt nt enough.Instead of sitting down n dream bout smth i wanna have,might as well try it out n see if it works.Who knows i might get wat i wan?If i dont do anything,tt dream will only remain a dream.I hope god's looking out for me>.<

Well well last day(sunday) working wit nicole,yanyi,jiaqi n jaslyn.Sad much.Awesome bunch of bitches to work wit.Im gonna miss nic n yy all over agn cuz they're quitting for de 2nd time n might be for gd.SIGH wkends are nt much of a fun to look forwrd to alrd.Ouh well.Juz anticipating de day where everyone is free for a outing tgt!Meanwhile,misses.

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