Monday, January 3, 2011

Sick mousey

Hw long have i nt been tis sick?God!Taken 3 mc alrd.How horrible?Never felt so weak before.Lying in bed all day long is de only thing i could do.I dun lyk to take mc.Waste money plus ppl will think pon or whatsoever.Im one hu will go sch or work regardless cramps or headache unless i really cnt take it.I wanna go back sch 2moro)): Been mc frm sch 3 days alrd.High fever n flu n cough=imba combo.I bet i missed out a lot.Scared will affect my grades=x pretty pls nt.

And idk if its due to fever or drug or what bt my leg became hideous wit dark red dots n patches tts painful n itchy.I hope it'll recover real soon n leave no scar.My leg so short ugly enough,gt developed muscles ugly enough.The only non ugly thing is thr's nt much scars.I wan it to hurry n heal!

This is hw it look below when i wash off de calamine lotion.

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