Friday, January 14, 2011

This is gonna be so lengthy.

Ok im back posting aft negligence.Well i've been busy in sch.Bt nt tt much recently so yea.Its super tiring to wake up every morning n be in sch by 9 or should i say to login de system by 9am?Kill me man.I've never quite tardiness bt i've made improvement to it.

De reason for me being super free is cuz thr aint database for us to call for de past few working days.Slow n to kill time its super boring to do nth except fb n twitter which i got bored aft awhile.Talking crap is all we do till database arrived.Should be doing report of statistic by nw bt teacher transferred de 4 of us frm cc1 to cc2 to make more calls.QC(quality check) QC QC till cn die!I hope i get 0% error agn.Damn i missed cc1 so much other den de ppl its so much more convenient.Tired ttm oso cn nap a lil while inside so torturing!Enough of sch.

And 2day marks de 11th mth we've been tgt.Say long nt long say short nt short.To ask if i ever regretted choosing u,i'll say no.Ppl see in a way whr u're de kind hu heck care n easy gg so wat is thr for us to quarrel bout so i became de unreasonable one.Bt they never knew hw much u made me teared.Thou u haven been very nice at times bt u never fail to be thr for me always.Saying being thr is easy bt actually doing it isn't so.Comforting me n making my day so much btr.U've tried to control ur temper btr den before however tt stupid stubbornness n attitude of ur's cn still be improved.Ppl say if u love someone u would nt change him/her bt if its for de btr y nt?Never will anyone nt hurt u so y nt find someone tts worth de pain.Being wit u is de most amazing moment.U gave me a reason for everything i do.

Tt's all!

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