Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random thots and comments tt i shall juz keep em to myself anw.Gee~ half shift at msc ops nao)): miserable life.Bt thrs fun team mates thou.I still miss days in crmcc n teacher care & interact more.So if u said its impt to have an understanding employer so shouldnt supervisors be lyk tt too??Tsk.MANY times i should juz care less rite?Y get myself so miserable over ppl hu dont even bother.I aint de best bt i tried to strive to be btr.Thr's always a high mountain.Its no excuse.

Somethings some ppl juz aint gd at it.Fair or nt its nt for us to decide.Its an improvement alrd to be 4 mins late only for de 1st 2 wks n half an hr early for de rest of de days.I used to be late every single day.Im nw nt late for sch n work((: proud of myself^^

Ok im so broke n cnt wait for payday!Due to cny last mth's pay is pathetic)):

So much things i NEED to get.

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