Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its a rainy day at hm with nth much to do except to catch up wit sleep,eat use de com or watch show.Well morning shift is great cuz aft shift i cn do anything I wan bt off shift still beats de rest((: 4 more wks to go till de end of msc days.New frens made once agn n they're so much fun!Had kbox session,manicure session,exercising and buffet upcoming.Pic above is gen's hand done by me.strawberry nails bt de green aint green enough.Way to go!

PPl say in ops its easier to score an A.Bt in my team of 5,thr's alrd one outstanding one alrd.Well my full shift alrd no A alrd.Tis rnd I gt not much confidence at all.Everybody is has made their mark somewhr,I havent.Panic bout my future.Its so bleak.

Anw,my 2nd rnd of personal selling has started so do support and take a look at ur fb or my ps pg yummy-mummum.blogspot.com which will be uploaded in awhile's time.

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