Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 more days to crm ica(30%).As usual,have yet to study.With 6 projs on hand+no mood for anything=nothing productive.Wanted to start and finish off my part for retail,end up open microsoft words n type only ISSUES IN MULTI-CHANNEL RETAILING and my heart went somewhr else.Die oso have to finish it tday so i cn lyk do things i wan tmr,including gg to Arnold's for dinner*lick lips* I need some retail therapy.Haven had one for a long long while.11 july hurry come ok?

Aft last sat,i gt de feel to go clubbing agn.Nt a hardcore clubber.I only went lyk less den 5 times since i turn 18.Who says girls who club are easy and nt decent?To some girls,its a place to enjoy dancing n rock the dance floor.Envy girls who can really be so daring to stand on de podium and dance.If i am a gd dancer,i will too.Im not addicted to clubbing bt go thr once in awhile to be out of myself.Thr's many other things I can do bt sometimes,i choose this.And sometimes,even its short-term,drink and forget everything even if it means avoiding whats bothering me,i would.I juz need more time to face it.I wont run frm it,because the nxt day when the sky is bright agn,its still reality.

I love to do everything i could.Bt one thing im always frustrated with myself is,I'm never really gd at smth.Bt i will work towards that.

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