Monday, July 11, 2011

Sat 9th July 2011:
Sat was awesome!Sentosa trip wit girlf,qingaide n 3 retarded guys. Fun ttm!Pictures are on fb..

De night before wa horrible!Went for supper at beancurd city and aft tt all complain tired go hm.Den me leh?So nice lorx cook hard boiled egg and diced it,mix wit butter for nxt day as sandwich.So nice of me right?!And had only 3 hrs of sleep and wake up being de earliest for breakfast at kfc de nxt day.Haiyooo~ As usually,gene is late..

Aft breakfast we proceed to vivo!Sing song talk cock and have fun during our journey thr.Teasing each other and de most epic part is always when lun n gene get into stupid disputes(for fun) and there we go having free live entertainment.When we reach vivo, we go giant buy drinks and sweet and off we go to sentosa!The sun is effing,intensely hot!

We gt no shelter so we could only camp under de shade provided bt de pathetic tree.It was horrible cuz de earth moves and de shade will "move"! I kept spamming sun block and use my back to face de sun instead because i dun wan my face to get tanned!Anywhr tan oso cn bt nt my face! Had fun lyk mad till evening, we wash up and walk all our way back to vivo.Srsly cn kill me man.Im so damn tired alrd.Walk to imbiah station so tempted to take de monorail alrd.End up walk all de way to rws den to vivo.

Wanted to go to the hawker near vivo to have dinner bt ended up at de street stalls outside st james.Ordered stingray,chicken wing,fried oyster omelette,hokkien mee,kangkong and loklok and de only thing nice is de chicken wings-.- chomp chomp is much btr.

Aft all these de crazy ppl still wna watch transformer at yishun gv.I gave it a pass cuz i was too tired!So we headed back n i went hm to k.o!

Early in de morn i heard someone calling monster monster!I thot was a baby girl my mom help to babysit her ex-employee(now frens).So i continued sleeping till in de afternoon when i woke up n got outta my rm she said hello to me.I hello back.Brushed my teeth n nua in bed awhile more n woke up and wore my specs.When i gt outta my rm it wasnt de baby girl i thot.She was baby xu ying!Omg i love her ttm cn!She's so smart and adorable.

She's a baby girl my mom used to babysit when she's born till she went to pri sch.She's nw p2/3.And the thing she lyk to do most is eat!Just lyk me!And she snatch whatever food im eating.I used to nt give her bt nw im all grown up n she's still too adorable to say no so i fed her.Awww~ When its time to go hm she din want to n hide behind my door n keep saying:"I dont want to go hm".Hahaha!

I wna have a babygirl in future too((:

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