Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life of a student

Been neglecting my blog sooo much!Every wk thr's either proj submittion or ica since wk 4.Srsly my brain needa break man!Another ica in one day's time n nxt wk entrep Part A presentation.Gosh.Idk y i damn hate studying nw)): I love de process bt tt exclude exams test n projs.It kind of dont make sense when lecturers cn teach by refering to de slides n we cnt during tests rite?Ouh well.Half of my class which i noe of is self-declaring no sch tmr.MR tut is replaced by de ica tday n thr's only 2 freaking lect.Tell me hu will go sch for bloody 2 hrs for lect?Well at least nt my class.Simply cnt wait till term break.Im glad i quit my job for de time being.Bt i do miss Topshop)):

Holding back not knowing what to do)):

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