Saturday, June 11, 2011


My girlf,my love<3

My awesome bunch of frens.Some couldnt make it bt thx for the wishes n presents((: Finally de long awaited term break.Althou thr's proj to do,ica to study for,nevertheless im so gonna enjoy tis term break.Live w/o work feels great!Bt i wish i could cope so i wont feel so boring at times when thr's no one.Thr's so much to do apart frm sch work.Lets see:Party,Sentosa,Kbox,Movies, and many more.Im gonna put in my best and make everything i do and give all worth while^^

And did i say y i love my girlf so much?Other den her care, she specially bought polaroid film(which arent cheap) for me to take photo during de celebration to keep for memories sake.Also a gift frm her only;a mug when warmed would show at de back"God made us best friends because moms cant handle us if we are sister" So sweet<3 <3 <3

For as long as we live((:

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