Sunday, September 4, 2011

Industrial Placement

Ipp is tiring!Especially de waking up part.Everyday i look forward to de time when i cn finally lie in my bed n cuddle in my blanket and fall asleep.And ever since den,every sunday i woke up rushing to my phone to check de time,giving myself mini heart attack,and i realise its a sunday-.- See wat had ipp done to me?

And being posted to Chiropractic First,yes i do enjoy learning and being thr cuz its so interesting,but we all feel unwanted thr.2 wks had past and we should alrd be notified of our placement of outlet bt till nw,its still unknown.And i've alrd spent lotsa money taking train n bus to work to diff locations juz cuz i din noe to get de train or de bus one.Tsk!

Am planning a surprise for love on his celebration day.Juz hope it works and de cake is real special cuz its customised^^ Cant wait to see hw it turns out.I will post de pic aft i receive de cake on tt day((:

Well so far i wont say gd thou,but everything's alright.Just i need more money for shopping.Haven done a proper one for a nong nong time.Should really work bt wit a tight schedule lyk tt hw to?!Trying nt to eat so much den..Sigh..

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