Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Ha!

Had fun last night wit baby n his frens while celebrating johan's bday.A bunch of gd frens he have.Pic a bit blur.Tsk de waiter no skill.Am planning smth special for baby's bday(tho it's still long,ok nt really one more mth).*cheekygrins*Really hope everything will go smoothly n work out.Went thru lotsa trouble.*prayhard*

Entreprenuership day is over n done!Exam is coming,1st paper tis coming fri 12 aug=x omg i hate exams.Nvm jiayou n persevere for 2 wks and it'll be over.Sigh i wish im nt so lazy.Really gotta do smth bout it.Ouh n ipp.Pray tt i'll get posted to a gd company.I'll do myself proud,dont have to show it to anyone,just myself.

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