Saturday, January 7, 2012


I got so bored at home(just because no one wants to accompany me to town and procrastinating to start on my Service Operations and Quality Management-SOQM project).

I don't know how many times I must have been complaining about myself.Like how awful I look compared to my awesome girl friends and stuffs.Really envy girls whom can look so pretty effortlessly.I mean in general not taking into consideration of their personality etc. Just look at the picture above:puffy eyes,big nose.I know the camera lousy(*hint*) cannot really see THAT clearly.Let me tell you that I have freckles all over my face thanks to the scorching sun whenever I have basketball training during my secondary school years.I don't blame basketball(really love this sport) but the sun should maintain a bit what.Okay yea Singaporean do best at complaining.Hot also complain, rain give cooling weather also complain.

Continuing with my horrible face,I have blackheads on my nose but I just did facial a week ago to remove them.Apparently there's still some stubborn ones)): Pimples are inevitable once I do not have enough sleep(still young^^) okay not very because I'm turning to the Big 2 this year unfortunately(don't know to rejoice or not).And, my skin tone naturally is yellowish so when i get tanned(very easily even with SPF products) my face will show uneven skin tone.One thing very obvious is my nose which is obviously too big for my face an my mouth which is a little small to smile fully.Not to talk about my teeth(more depressing)

Drawing not very nice because it's difficult to control drawing proportionately using a mouse.

Alright that's about it for my face and now my body!I don't really worry about my body skin tone because I can get quite nice tanned colour like very nice brown tan(not being thick-skinned becuase this is a compliment my friends gave me so and envy).I am very short around 151cm to 153cm(don't exactly know my height) and I hate looking at my short legs especially the calf(short and a litle muscular for a girl).I swim quite often these days so I have a broad but acceptable shoulder for my size but this cause me to not look good in turtle neck tops and maybe toga that's what i feel.Have a tummy bulging out due to over-eating(love food too much)and because of that I would not wear my bodycon dresses(which i love wearing btw).Lastly my hips is not proportioned to my shoulders(wider) and I makes me look like I have bigger and flatter butt than I should.

Well I feel better whining about it(not that I don't love myself) and I bet many girls would feel the same.Who would ever be satisfied with whatever they're given?Even research shows that only 2% or 2 out of don't know how many women thinks that they are beautiful.So what about u,lady?

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