Monday, January 16, 2012

Countdown to 2012 & WeiLun's Birthday Celebration

First I'll start with a post of pictures that are already outdated-.- Because we all took photos using my girlfriend , Cathryn Ang's camera and the best thing is she almost lost it!We went to The Indulge at The Cathay to have an advance birthday celebration for WeiLun this 1993 "kid", whose birthday is after the countdown and had our countdown in MBK at Orchard Plaza.

He's finally 19 when we're all turning 20-.-

Me and birthday boy.

Nice drink((: -Sapphire Dream

While waiting for our finger food and the rest of the late comers to arrive.

Ribeye Steak and idk what chicken

Girlfriend's classmates: In pink xueli, the guy yong hui and behind my girlfriend is ruimin. Yay I made new friends^^

Xueli and Me.I look so horrible in this picture please!

Me and Girlfriend. She can't take too much alcohol, else the result is on her face.

The guys, before some of them are real drunk. Don't know why kai and clarence not in the picture.

Lol and this birthday boy counted and die die want to take picture with us 7 girls. As if he's wei xiao bao.

It was my first time going to a Thai club and also in a party of 20! That's a mad awesome night. FYI I'm not a hardcore clubber if going to clubs are stereotyped as one. I just love and enjoy party with wonderful company((:  

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