Friday, February 17, 2012


At Cineleisure's Hong Kong cafe

My bbg's choice of food: Fish & Chips

Mine: Spicy Hot Pot Chicken

Our Dessert: Mango Pudding

At last picture taken with my bbg

My belated Valentine's gift from Clarence. My all time favourite strawberry marshmallow from muji.

So nice like some parcel right?But its more than a brown box.

Cupcakes!I prefer the one on the right. Clarence bought it from some where in Holland V

And I went to town for awhile and just so happen to see this at the flea so I got it for b((: His favourite bob.

I am really very fed up with Starhub.Wasted so much of my time this afternoon travelling here and there.Too long winded to type it all out and I'm sure no one is interested to hear such rants.Anyway I've called and the person said that he will get someone to get back to me regarding my issues and if tomorrow I don't get any call, I have to call back and scold people already.I know that it's not the service provider's fault but Starhub's.They should have a uniform policy to at the very least inform customers about their expiring mobile contract.It's bloody 2 years who would remember when it's ending?!

I don't care if the call would resolve my current issue, I would still send a grandmother story email to Starhub to complain!I hope they would make changes and give their customers better quality service.I saw this notice at the counter in Starhub stating they would provide their customers with the best quality service they could(something like that I don't remember the exact words).That's nonsense!They didn't even try!Enquire on all service provider from my friends before making the call to prevent myself from being a fool.

Perhaps I have slightly higher expectation of any service provider because firstly, I had almost 3 years of experience in the retail industry and almost a year in the F&B industry. Secondly, my current course of study is Business Management specialize in Customer Relationship Management. So I know a lot of such things regarding handling of customers etc. Oh btw I also had experience in a call centre thanks to NYP's Teaching Enterprise Project and I've learnt even more about call centre in contact centre management module so cannot or don't even try to cheat pass me *evil grin*

Okay enough of ranting already.I sound like some unreasonable barbaric person that service provider would hate.Too bad then.

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