Thursday, February 16, 2012

About success

Tamade!While frying the eggs the oil splatter and my poor hand kena))): It's still damn painful after 3 hrs.

This post is related to the post on my BBG's blog.
Been think and think.And could still not make up my mind about my future.It just feel so bleak.I wish i had better aims in life.All I do is day dream, and hoping it would come through, yet not putting in effort to get closer to the dreams.

RMIT or UOL.That's a very big question that I don't know how to search myself for that answer.One thing is that many of my friends are going for UOL(more exam based) and I don't know if it's me or what.I find myself not doing being able to do well in exams.That leads me to the choice RMIT(more poly style where there's projects and exams involve).I find myself fairing better this way.However, my fear is that I would have selfish and inconsiderate group members that worries me. That's why I couldn't decide.

I know that partly I want to have friends I know in University.I adapt quickly, but i fear loneliness.But if it is not my kind of thing, I can't possibly choose it because I want to be with my friends. And actually some are just bullshit.Because, I do believe that if I want to do something or be good at something bad enough, I would work for it, which leaves me in a dilemma.

And sometimes I wish.I wish that I could just earn a living and not worry so much by just blogging.Look how successful Xiaxue is.And her friends like Audrey, Cheesie, Qiuqiu and also Sophie. And other featured bloggers in Nuffnang.They inspire me and motivate me to blog.And i even dream of becoming successful like that.Just about how recognized would I be?They got somewhere in their life when they are young.

I'm turning 20 this year.And I always remember that changes are constant. I can't stand where I am and expect to get somewhere.I have to get my ass moving.And I hope that I can find what I want or like that I deem as Something in my life.

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