Friday, February 24, 2012

Spell F.R.E.E.D.O.M not

At last the finals are over!Last unofficial day in NYP.Mixed feelings.I don't know what to feel.Yes finally the torturous exams are over but I'm also upset that I screwed my last paper.Really don't wanna repeat the module.It just feel so retarded please.Counting on heavy moderation for Contact Centre Management*crossed fingers* =x Now make me no mood to think about University.I cannot afford to fail, really.

Hendrick damn annoying.While I was asleep, he drew a pig face on my notes and say it looks like me!So ugly the pig has a square nose just like his Spongebob's size-.-

Look who's got a new hairstyle??Okay lah not exactly new it's just the way he comb it.

When I reached home today a parcel was on my table.Sooo fast and efficient!I ordered this top from sixntwelve yesterday morning around 8am plus and the sent me an email that it was posted before 5pm on that day itself.Was expecting it to arive in 3-5 days time.Wow I got it just the next day.Awesome or what?

Ohh well, on a lighter note the holidays are finally here!Now I can slowly fulfill things I've been wanting to do.Outings/gathering, play basketball, swimming, catching up on drama series etc. And not forgetting my short getaway with my bbg to Malaysia.Most important thing to do first:(1)Register for SIM(still deciding between UOL or RMIT) and find a job!I'm very picky.Not just any job.Office hours job is good because after 6pm and I'm free, but it depends on what kind of office job.And if that means full-time.I still wanna enjoy my holidays but need to earn money to save for driving, braces and University.Money never fail to be an issue.I wonder when can I ever stop worrying about having enough money to spend.If part-time(highly possible), I'm thinking of going into the cosmetics line.Of course not say only lah.Need to have vacancy also.

HEADACHE!!!!!!!>0< I need retail therapyyyyyyy, but I need money more first)): *pout*

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