Sunday, February 26, 2012


Went to work at Expo as first told to be ushers for kickboxing event(Fighterzone).Didn't want to go that far to get paid for only $6/hr but since Clarence say work together than okay lor.Slackest job ever compared to the one I worked to replace YY at the Megatex fair for brother printer.End up thr's too many part-timers so we ended up tearing tickets for entry only.

The pass

I'm surprised at the number of sponsors they got.Awesome ones like Adidas,AVATAR and The Wine Company.

Can't stand it, so ugly!Shirt no size and we were given L when requested for s-.- It can be my dress already.Touching my knee!

While waiting for the late king(Clarence).

Hehe.Do I look taller?

Left to right: Me, Clarence and Girlfriend

Full length shot((:


And moreeeeeeee..

I seriously find this shot artistic eh.Hahahha

Dark chocolate given by the other part-timers(from the event btw) Haven tried it but the packaging so nice and the chocolate looks like ice cream^^

End work!Seriously waste my time travelling down for that 3 hours of pathetic pay.

Dinner at Changi Point Bagus:Pots & Pans-Terriyaki Chicken with Black pepper sauce(my girlfriend's)

Mine.Also Terriyanki Chicken but with Mushroom Sauce

Headed down to Old Changi Rd to see if we can get Lao Ban's tau huey.But we were too late)): disappointed and end up going home empty handed.Bumped into Secondary school teachers.The best Mathemetics teacher (Mr See), the best English teacher (Mdm Faridah) and tiny Ms Tang.Ko-ed the moment I reached home while waiting for my slow poke sister to come out of the bathroom.

Need to settle University registration stuff and GET A JOB!Still deciding office work or not.But Idk if office job what kind I would wanna look for.But another option would be part-time retail for cosmetics which I already have in mind.Shall see how.Perhaps start sending resumes and call up HRs to find out.

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