Monday, February 20, 2012

The BK Way of Chicken

Fast food lover?Purchase a meal at BK with a freebie and stand a chance to win fabulous prize!

First: Go to Burger King's Facebook page and click on the start generating button to get your own choice of coupon.

Choose the meal that you want to purchase, and go on to select your freebie, then chose the type or prize you want to win!1There is 5 choices for each so take your pick((: Enter your name and click generate.


You are required to fill in your particulars in case you win the prize!


Your coupon is generated!You can print it out immediately or download in jpeg to print later on.The best thing about this is that you can create 5 types of coupon with each different prize, or can be like me 5 same kind of prize(so higher chance of getting mah) with 1 NRIC number.Click on the terms and conditions at the botom of the page if you want to find out when is the closing date and stuffs.Good Luck!

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