Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Very 1st Vanity Trove

Went straight back home after my first paper.One down 2 more to go!Napped for an hour in the midst of studying because I needed more time than anyone to study for theory paper.Boo)): Mad tired and fell asleep for like half an hour before I was awaken by a loud knocking sound at my door.They postman damn poor thing.Knock so long :"Hello, Singpost.Anyone home?Hello, Singpost". So it's the arrival of my parcel!My very first Vanity Trove((:

I was wondering why the parcel look like this box as it differ from the one I see online.

There's another box inside.I like the box and it's like a drawer for you to pull it out.

Can't wait to check out my beauty surprise!Ignore the fact that I have baby fats on my face okay.And also the haggard look)):

A little disappointed.But still can't wait for the next month's trove!

What I like the most is the whitening eye mask and the OPI nail polish miniature.Ohh and just nice the shampoo and conditioner came to good use for my short getaway after exams.

This month's focus is about cleansing and detoxing, thus the product fusion.Vanity Trove's beauty consultant personally hand picked those items best cater to members need.Aww so nice((: Gave feedback to Victoria and she's super friendly and nice.If your are interested check it out at their website at Vanity Trove or Facebook page for more details.And if your are a member, invite your friends to join!Every friend referred you will earn 5 credits which is equivalent to $5 in your account.And if your accumulate 25 credits, you can get a month's Vanity Trove for free!So what are you waiting for??

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