Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back from 1st Genting Trip!

Hello I'm Back!Missed Me?

Just a short update before I get all the photos for a proper one.These are my loots from Genting and KL^^ Can't buy much because got budget ))': Almost everywhere got sales!Why Singapore don't like that?Shopaholic like me will be damn happy leh.Lucky nothing much I like else I will cry from resisting temptations!!

The tops cost 2 for RM 49=S$20.30 only and the pink shorts for 15RM=S$6.20!Cheap right?Okay at least to me,compared to all the apparels I bought from Topshop.But that still my favourite shop.

Strawberry jam berry expensive!RM10=S$4.15

Strawberry Coffee, Strawberry Milk Tea and Strawberry Chocolate from the Strawberry Farm.Not yet try the coffee one but both the milk tea and chocolate taste good!Especially the milk tea.

Ma Ti Bing.My babygirl so nice.Bought for me to bring home because I've spent the last few of my Ringgit on otahs.Super love her, and she's my companion during the trip((:

Okay tune in soon for a further proper post on my Genting trip!

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