Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloated Tummy

Supposed to go back to NYP to settle my library fines but I couldn't make it in time to reach before 1pm because I've overslept.Decided to go over tomorrow by hook or by crook.Hopefully the person is there because I WANNA GET MY CERTIFICATE ON GRADUATION DAY!I will be so fucking pissed if I don't.

Can't make up my mind where to have lunch at so ended up at Pasta Mania.First person I saw the moment I walked in is Shafiq.He's back working there.I thought he no longer worked there as I don't see him for quite some time when I frequent the one at Northpoint.Turn out that he wasn't there because of attachment.When he's there I forever get discount and upsized combo without having to pay for it.He's damn nice lah even when I told him no need.

Hendrick and I ordered Cheese Lover pizza,Seafood pasta and Combo B(Drink and Soup).We wna share the combo but he saw the both of us he gave extra a bowl of mushroom soup and even asked if I want some garlic bread.OMG!Lucky I keep saying no else I'll be wasting food!I almost couldn't finish my pasta because it was damn filling.

First time trying it and I find it yummy!Love how tabasco sauce spice up the food^^

After lunch met cousin for karaoke.Wanted to go kbox but she no Kala card(will be pricey)so end up we go Sembawang Shopping Centre the Teoheng KTV Studio.We paid $2 extra for a medium size room because according to her the normal room is small until the TV screen is right in front of you.Ok lah $10 per person for 3 hours still alright I find though with my Kala card it would be cheaper at Kbox, inclusive of a drink!Oh well but card permits entry for the owner only)): Mai hiam eh sai, ai hiam kanasai!(It's a dialect way of commenting something.In Chinese it means not picky it's ok but if do pick on it,cannot make it).

One of the worse KTV experience.The rooms are very small, not sound proof, and the sound system is horrible.But never mind*Close one eye* Okay lah one thing good is they allow outside food to be brought in so I finally satisfy my bubbletea craving(:

She say the effect can contour the face etc.But the colour a bit off already!

She find herself too tall-.- fine lor

Better now?No.Both our fringe covered one of our eye.I forever picky.

After KTV I head to AMK with cousin to meet my Secondary School clique while she go meet her boy and trim her brows.Cab to Chomp Chomp for dinner because Weilun's excuse was it's raining and bus queue is long.When on cab we kena stucked in jam and when the metre jump my heart jumped too.

Food's here!

Super big sugar cane juice, so I shared with Girlfriend.

Missing out on the picture of stringray.But it's alright but the stingray taste horrible!The nicer one is closed)):

Head to Dessert Bowl after dinner when we were already bloated.Anyway it's near Chomp Chomp opposite mTm(a few units away from Standard Chartered Bank)

Seriously a month can one eat together with them once,else I'll die of over-eating!Forever too much food!!!!!!!!!!!But they're the best I've had((:

The open we swing open the door the aroma of durian filled my nose.But my girlfriend hates durian.Aww

Everywhere in the shop has such signages.

A lot to choose from the menu but they are known for the Durian Mousse.

A shelf full of magazine for customers to browse while enjoying their dessert.How thoughful!

This is the Durian Mousse people have been talking about.And indeed it lives up to it's name((:

Address: 80A Serangoon Garden Way
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 12pm to 10.30pm
Fri-Sun 12pm to 12am
(Closed on Mon)

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