Friday, March 16, 2012

Busy,lazy March

Suppose to meet my babygirl to go down to school to purchase our transcript before proceeding to SIM together to submit the documents, but not enough time!Oh and such coincidence to bump into Rachel in school, because she also went to purchase her transcript.Had to rush to Raffles for an interview so we had lunch and I left her to head down to Clementi alone.I'm so horrible i know and am terribly guilty.Don't know if I would get that job.It feels like a very good exposure to be able to experience working in a government sector.If get than good for me cause my resume will be nice nice((:

Anyway after interview I had to head down to Clementi to submit my documents.Lucky b offer to send me there else it'll be a long and lonely ride.Babygirl was still there when I reach and so much of coincidence I bumped into Rachel there again!Took quite some time before I get everything done.Headed back to Yishun before going to town to collect my free skincare gifts from EHA Clinic and meet girlfriend at Bugis to gai gai.Sounds like a busy day right?I like!Because I've been lazying at home with no response to my resume ever since exams ended)):

My outfit for the day.Of course I brought clothes to change for interview.Horrible bb camera!

Sooo eggcited!

This 3 products(Exfoliating Gel,Whitening Eye Cream and Moisturising Gel) are worth a total of $264!!I'm seriously damn lucky.Fate let me chance upon Darren's blog (a blogger) and he's having this contest so i tried my lucky and joined.I was still thinking so many people sure don't have my chance one.But I got selected!Thank you Darren!((:

I got my gift!They skincare personnel also very nice.Step by step explain to me the proper skincare procedure and how will the product benefit me.When she apply the tester on my hand it feels so different!Might wanna try having my facial done there next time.Hopefully using the products will let my skin become better,because I look so old and haggard thanks to plenty of late nights)):

And I finally get to drink Taimei's grass jelly milk tea!But today one not nice leh.

Never fail to not step into my favourite shop(Topshop) and talk to all my existing excolleagues.Manage to take picture with Grelyn,Yassin and Potato!All missed me as much as I missed them*sniff*.Got a hug from cute Grelyn and Yassin can't stop playing with my hair and give me shoulder squeeze.Working there was sure a hell lot of fun!

Accompanied girlfriend to shop till all stores' closed.Had our dinner only after we were left with nothing else to shop already.By then it was 10pm and we both were mad hungry so we anyhow find one shop along the alley behind Bugis Junction to eat.There sells all kind of ayam.I tried the ayam penyet and girlfriend had the ayam panggang.I still find the Indonesia Crushed Ayam Penyet beside Seng Huat nicer.Wanted to have dessert too but the queue at Ah Chew is seriously never ending and we were both tired so we trained home.

Say tired but when we reached our station we still stand and talk till we decide to sit down and have a longer chat.Then around 11.30pm I saw Dilys walking out of the control station so I shoo my girlfriend home to rest and went after Dilys to walk home with her.

Happy girl^^ So long since I've won something.I deserve to be happy((:

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