Sunday, March 11, 2012


Just wanna post something in case my readers are bored.Okay lah I don't have much readers to begin with-.- Damn pathetic.Oh well.. I 've never ending items that I want to call them mine on my wantlist.It's practically never empty.These are the top 5:

Canon camera (I chose it cause it's red *rolleyes*) But the price =x $500+!

Or this:Olympus Pen E-PL3(cause it's red too-.-). Aiya actually any good digital camera will do lah.Acceptable colours besides red would be black,white or silver.

Carlo Rino's Dainty Ditty Collection that cost $170@_@ I'm never a fan of pink but this is so damn cute can!Wouldn't mind carrying this even if it's pink.

And this!Skorts.Regret not getting the Topshop one last time when I'm still working)):

Silver birks.This is the last on my want list.But I prefer it in 2 straps cause I look better.It's really a want for this, get it or not doesn't really matter much.Haha.

Okay enough of my horrible ranting about materialistic stuffs that I want.I just can't resist shopping okay.But my pocket doesn't allow me to get everything want.And my wardrobe!Need more newbies... ...Sick and tired of wearing the same stuffs over and over again while envying others who can keep going shopping for more)): Okay get a job and earn money first daphne.*suckthumb*You still have to worry about University registration fees, school fees and future allowance.Fml.Zzz

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