Thursday, March 1, 2012


What I have been doing ever since the start of holidays!Besides searching for jobs, hmm let's see.Ohh one night my sister was playing with her hair and I asked her what's that can she told me sponge curler.Okay she ever told me she wanna get those stuffs but I've never seen it at home and poof!Suddenly it's at home already.

Basically you just have to grab some hair and twirl it around the sponge (inwards or outwards up to you)close to the top(see where the heart shape with a hole in the middle is?).Then when ur hair ends u stuff the end of the sponge into the hole.

Sponge curler

When all the hair is up!(My sister's) You have to do it when your hair is semi dry and leave it on for about 30 minutes.If you're impatient like me, use hairdryer for 5 minutes to get the curl effect.Do you know that you can even go to sleep with the curlers on?But that is when your hair is dry lah.

This is my hair after 30 minutes.Slightly wavy only.

On Tuesday:

Finally fulfilled the kbox date with my BBG.After that headed to have late lunch before going to Holiday Inn to get Martel.So mean lor make me 1 small girl go buy and carry that bottle of Martel with 2x 1.5 litre mixer(Pokka greentea) before heading to the chalet.So boring!train-ed all the way from Orchard to Pasir Ris!Lucky they ask someone with a car to drive me in and not take the shuttle bus else I'll really kill them!

The 2E1s

And the 4Es((:

For reunion celebration night.Madness!End up I didn't get to drink the Martel-.-

Really missed those days back in Secondary school Oh well life had to move on.

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