Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skin Types

I'll share some of the things I learn during training that are essential to know.There's too many under Skin this very general category so I'll separate it into a few posts.

Well do you know your own skin type? Or how do you identify and determine what is your skin type?
There's 5 different skin types namely normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive.

How to identify?  Usually due to the local weather, most Singaporeans tend to have combination skin. These are the symptoms:

1. Normal
-Well balanced moisture and sebum
-Pores only visible in T-zone
-Rather fine textured

2. Oily
-Much moisture and sebum
-Entirely/partially greasy and shiny yet with dullness
-Blemish/Acne outbreak very often
-If with makeup, entirely/partially ruined makeup

-Little moisture or sebum
-Dry eye zone
-If with makeup, flaky w/o oil and lines

4. Combination
-Rather rough textured, visible pores
-Shine on T-zone
-Can be oily inside out or vice versa

5. Sensitive
-Capillaries (red/green) can be seen

I am under the exposure of strong sunlight very often because of sports and I used to not use any sunscreen to prevent aging or burnt thus my skin is rather damaged. For myself, I fall under the combination skin. What about you? Do you know your own skin type?

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