Monday, April 23, 2012

April(3) Weekly Food Goodies!

Looking at the pictures make me drool all over again tho it's not any good food or big feast.

Buddha Jump Over the Wall soup from 老火汤. Many choices available for soup lovers plus other side dishes!

They have several outlets in Singapore and those that I know of are :
1. Bugis Food Junction
2. Great World City's Food Court
3. Ang Mo Kio S11 (The one outside of AMK Hub beside MacDonald's)
4. Nex

Met my bbg to go Serangoon Garden for Dessert but blur me forgot that it was a Monday and they are not opened for business on Mondays)): So end up we walked to frolick and it was removed. Double sadness! So we ended up at Ice Cube .

I ordered this DIY crepe and I chose brownie for the filling and Rocky Road Ice Cream for the top((: Cost $9+ I don't remember how much exactly.

Subway's Egg Mayo for lunch on my 1st day of work.Cheap deal for $5 with a drink. Trying to save money =X

And today I went to satisfy my sushi cravings at Nihon Mura @ Hougang Plaza! Hehe..

My favourite scallop sushi


And more octopus


Okay STOP going eeyer and stuffs okay. I'm a seafood lover^^

Chawanmushi. Standard drop already)): no glass noodles and mushrooms.

Age Chicken Gyoza best with mayo!

The raw food platter. I only like salmon. The prawn make me wanna puke and I spat it out the moment i tasted it. Gross! Btw I only learn to eat raw salmon during this year's CNY lou hei. Because I always don't dare to take raw food due to the raw odour but when I tried the raw salmon it taste pretty good, so that was when I started taking raw salmon. 

And there's this salmon head I didn't manage to take picture of but it's the pan fried kind and it taste damn good! Very big and meaty. Yumms..

Side track a bit but I love this the moment I saw it! I'm a sucker for red and polka dots.

Nice right? Shall be my new clothe for my BB((: But it's $9.90 thou)): Not getting it any time soon. Cannot anyhow spend money *pout*

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