Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week's Happenings

What I had been doing for the past week was training and slacking before my official 1st day of work, on the 17th of April which is a Tuesday. A few random pictures taken days ago or more than a week.

I think I look damn mature here in this hairstyle.What do you think?

On the 14th with my new flared pants.

Outfit of the day.
Spaghetti top: Cotton On
Belt: Don't remember
Bottom: Hollyhoque

I find my smile very typical in all pictures. Smiling w/o teeth and having that fishball cheeks! Btw for people whom knows me I do look fairer in this picture right? The power of Kose's Sekkisei Supreme products. I used it for the 1st time and poof!Immediate effect((: This picture is w/o any makeup, except for sunscreen and mascara. Love it! I'll share more in another post about skin, so stay tuned!

I seriously think my side view looks better.Erm exept for the nose? No one is ever satisfied with how they look I guess.

Happy 26th my love. Okay I dislike him with facial hair but it grows everyday! Everytime I would remind him that it's time to shave em off. Just go permanent remove lah.Hahaha!

So my new heels was torturing me so I got this on standby. Guess what? It didn't work-.- Wasted $2.50 on it.

This is my Watsons lifesaver! The gel one if much more comfortable. One pack cost $7.90 but now they're having a promotion so it is 2 for $9.90 and you can mix as long as its house brand's foot ease. Sotong me took it out from my bag and the next day when I go to work the cushion drop off from one of my heels w/o me realising until I put it on. So I got no choice but to waste another $9.90 to get it again! Pfft! Sometimes I really can't stand my forgetfulness and clumsyness. And my poor legs have blister)): 

Me during break in facial room. My cousin say I look like a pregnant women in KK Hospital because of my uniform and messy hair-.- Enjoyed work so far. My colleagues (May & JoJo) and promoters at Chua Chu Kang (CCK) are very helpful and fun to work with. Nice people too. Hopefully the other outlets I will be going to will also have such fun-loving peeps.

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