Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Pair to Fit

So you will probably be wondering what is this post gonna be about from the title above. It's just a short and should-know post for you guys. Probably also because it became a problem for me thus I don't want others to experience this as well.

What do women like and have plenty and still buy?Handbags first guess?

They're SHOES!!!

What happened to me was I got a pair of shoes which I tried and fit perfectly well with a slight allowance so that I am able to wear my stockings/socks without feeling uncomfortable because it's too tight. Then when I bought it home and kept it for a few days before taking it out to wear for work, it was god damn loose that I can stick one finger in-.- I can't even take a step without the shoe dropping out!

Lucky thing is even when I wore the shoe for that day to work, they allow me to exchange for the size after work. Of course I tried my very best not to drag it as it kept falling off.Happy that I get to exchange for a smaller size.

Well so when's the best time to shop for shoes?Definitely not in the morning.Because you've rested your feet in the night(your feet at their smallest) and later in the day, the shoe might be uncomfortable and tight for you. But it doesn't matter when to shop if it's sports kind of shoe you're getting. This is more for heels, flats etc. 

Late afternoon/evening is the best timing as your feet swelled during the day. Do note that if you are going to wear with a socks/stockings, try to bring them to the store or ask if they provide for you to try with your shoe, and walk around to feel if it's comfortable.Stockings tend to make it easier for the shoe to slip out (which happened to me-.-).

And even if our feet look like they are the same size, one is definitely slightly or obviously larger than the other. So get the size that fits the larger foot.

Also, did you know that as we grow older, our feet size will increase? Not because it's still growing, but tendons and ligaments tend to get stretched overtime.

Hope this helps you to get the correct size of shoe((: 

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