Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's time for one of my favourite season of the year. Not a fan the celebrates Christmas dutifully ( does that even sounds right?), but because this is the time I see lots of chocolates displayed and selling^^ Lindt, Toblerone, After Eight, and many more. Can only name affordable brands as I haven't had a good chocolate for a long while. Like a frog in the well. Anyone wanna buy me? Yeah right I'm such a greedy pig. Like hello, it's chocolate ya?

Not keen to follow the gift exchange "custom". Of course I would be more than glad to receive presents if you think you want to lavish me with some. However, don't expect something in return. Selfish bitch mode ON. But if I have money to spend freely, I would love to get my loved one something they need/desire. Seeing them happy makes me a lot happier. The feeling to be philanthropic is always challenging my inner self. Battling between cans and  wants.

Filling up this little space before the dust and cobwebs got thicker. I promise a more fulfilling post up next soon((:

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