Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Things for Sharing

Everyone loves eating and wish they wouldn't get fat isn't it? No doubt I am one of the everyone. Ya right people always ask me, if you're fat what am I? Fatter lah! Lol. I may look small sized thus "not fat" however have you seen where my fats go? No right. I figured I should show you once and for all, that I will get fat too. Just by comparing my 3 years ago picture and now. 

3 years ago on my birthday

I can't believe how chubby I was either.

Look at me now. 3 years later.

I was less chubby than before. And I emphasize that I never plan to be on diet to slim down! I weigh 3 kg lighter than I used to. Stress and fatigue might be one of the reasons. One reason that cause this, which I am sure of is eating more healthily. 

What I used to consume is a lot more than now. Could be due to puberty or not. I used to take 2 meals of rice (carbohydrates) everyday. Now I cut down to 1 meal of rice per day or even none. Of course I still do take my meals in replacement of other food. Just cut down on food that contains carbohydrate is one of the ways. Food such as rice, pasta, white bread, potato and etc. Alternatively, rice can be replaced with brown rice and white bread by wholemeal bread, which is healthier.

Okay enough of how I think I loss some of my chubbiness. If you are interested, I could share in one post some other day.

Back to the main topic! I want to share yummy food! Just eat because you live only once. However, don't over-stuff yourself.

Fat Fish Steamboat and Grill at Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC). There is another outlet at Downtown East.

Fat Fish is no ordinary Steamboat. Abt 50% of their food are handmade, which is what make them unique and yummy((: Such as, fish balls, fish cakes, meat balls, dumplings and so on. I find it worth the money we paid for. $30/pax They do have promotions like lunch sets and 3 or 4 for 1 free, so do check them out!

Caramel Butterscotch at the courtesy of Sarah

Another chocolte super stack cake!

McCafe's cheesecake is one I've tasted and would not get sick of finishing it on my own^^

The Handburger at Somerset 313. Their signature beef burger with very mushroomy soup.

2 mixed dips for our fries. One of it is call chilli tartar, and the other one I forgot but it tasted like tomyum.

Who loves wang wang xue bing? This is similar except with black pepper coating. Can be found at Isetan Scotts supermarket.

At town craving for some minced meat noodles? Go to food opera! Always have to queue. I'm skeptical when trying out different minced meat noodles because I've never tasted one that I find better than the one at Bugis Seng Huat. This is the 1st! Their vinegar seems like the more expensive one and the chilli together goes well. I love my food very flavourful which might not be a good thing >.<

Okay I got to go get ready for bed before I cannot wake up for work later.



lunny said...

waaa...i wan that awfully chocolate! never tried b4..nice not lol

Anonymous said...

YOLO~!!!! (You Only Live Once)