Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Post New Year

I know I've been slow in updating this space. It'd been what? Almost 7 days= a week past New year already-.- This year will be a better year everybody would say when last year ain't that great. And what? Every new year it'll be the same saying. Have you fulfilled your last year's new year resolution or do you have to recycle them? Like me, it's not much a resolution but a goal to get something (material) that I've been wanting so badly for a year already. A Nikon L310. Been saving but the money seems to not stay. More and more bills to pay or necessity to get-.- But I guess I'm finally gonna be able to get this with this month's pay cheque^^ 

Well I'm starting school, classes in a few days time. I really hope I could cope being very busy again. I must stay focused and do whatever it takes to stay in the chase to pursue whatever my dream is. Shall not blame what I don't understand and can't control and live with what I understand and can control to improve. I get to live another day while others, at my age was robbed off their lives ( not sure if this is quite right, but you'll get what I mean). Yes life is never fair. We just have to keep going. 

Okay enough of just words. Want to share the book Life Without Limits because I've just finished 1st chapter and I foresee more awesomeness already!!! After I finished reading it okay? The book is truly inspiring and I hope it can keep me motivated. Thank you Lun for giving me that book. <3 I've got so much love last year and I know this year is going to be even more filled with love((: 

It's a 21st year because many many people I love is turning 21 years old including myself! Maturity doesn't come with age (for some people), sadly. Lets work hard but not forgetting to have fun too!

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