Monday, January 21, 2013

Sinfully Tasty

Chinese New Year is coming soooooon! But the older I grow, it feels like the mood for CNY is different already. I can't put into words regarding this feeling. No longer like really excited anymore. Oh come to think of it, I'm reminded of assignments submission due during the mid of CNY-.- What a spoiler!

Volcano Ramen from Ajisen. With 1 sides and a drink for $17 something. Don't really remember. I love it very spicy((: Though I heard Ajisen isn't the best but I've yet to try out at Ramen Play, Ramen Monster etc. Will do one day and see how each matches up.

Ahhhh~! What else to indulge and drown myself in sweetness? Black forest cheesecake from Bakerzin like the usual. If you love cakes like I do, you can never go wrong with Bakerzin. No doubt! I can totally list the cakes I love there and it'll be almost everything. However you have to be willing to pay slightly more, but I assure you that it's worth it.

Somewhere from Raffles City.

Soba noodles that I think tasted a little of Acha. Not a fan of it but surprisingly it taste so much better than Acha. At the courtesy of Sarah again. Love this girl lahhh! <333 Got me my favourite Earl Grey milktea from Gongcha that day too because I was working extended hours till 12am, and kept complaining I was hungry.

Sweet & Sour fish(dory) Rice

Affordable food in town! Susan's at Far East Plaza level 5. Somewhere near Cahaya or if you know where the fish soup stall is, it's diagonally opposite. Clean and quite healthy.

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes!!!
34A Lorong Mambong (Near Holland V Mrt)
Tue-Sat: 12-8pm
Closed on Mon

Red Velvet and Chocolate Style (today's special). I'm so sad that I didn't manage to taste the Choco Style because I left it in the fridge and my dad ate it >:(  The red velvet is sooo much nicer than the one from twelve cupcakes. Plain Vanilla's is what I call frosting. Twelve cupcakes's is milky n a bit like soupy soft, and it's really sweet. Plus the sponge cake part don't really have taste at all. Plain Vanilla's the best so far. Will take it into comparison again when I've tried Cedele and a few others.

Thai Lanlric
Aunthentic Thai Cuisine

Spicy minced chicken rice at $6. There's pork and beef for you to choose too.


Seafood Tomyum hotpot! It's quite a lot for 2 person. Best tomyum soup I've ever tried. It's located at level 3 beside Orchard Towers, slightly diagonally opposite Forum Shopping Mall.


Mochis! I got the cheese, soya and chocolate ones. I like the chocolate one best! There's matcha, sesame and a few more flavours. You can find it at Isetan's Scott supermarket.

Enjoyed what I've shared? I'll be back again for more updates! My life need to get more interesting and rich man seriously *grim face*

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