Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 Lunar New Year

Every year something must have to be a mood spoiler. This year it's assignments. For the last 3 year it'd been exams-.- Well but just 1.5 years more and it'll be over!It haven't been fantastic for me but I still believe it'll be in the days ahead. And sorry I took so long to update on this post and it's like what? The last day of lunar new year alread-.- 

New bed sheet that matches my blanket! Actually it's not new. It's been kept for many years till my mom remember suddenly. You can see the difference totally! The blanket has been used for about  10 years already if I'm not wrong so can you imagine how long my mom kept those bedsheets?! And it's still as good as new. The material is damn good because it's Japan brand. Now barely can find such material already. I love the blanket so much but my mom say need to change. The materials now are all like cotton something or microfibre which is freaking stuffy to use! If anyone sees polyester cotton ones TELL ME!!!Thank you very much in advance.

Chubs hiding in there playing with his phone-.-

Reunion dinner on the eve of lunar new year at my uncle's (dad's cousin) place. Such a fatty dog(bee bee) he's got. And it's super horny! I don't know the name of the other dog but that other one is older in the family.

Family photo

My DOTD for day 1

Relatives from the maternal side. Still short of 2 families. One of my cousin is studying abroad but she joins us for photo taking in the ipad my uncle's holding. Creative right?

Do we not look alike? Blooded sisters okay.

Day 2's DOTD. Both the dresses are from Love Bonito. Even the black clutch too! I seriously don't know why I look like I have damn short legs in this picture. Well I am short, I know.

Next day with poly friends at Karhao's place for shabu shabu / steamboat and majong! 

My place for steamboat with the clique((: Too much food againnnnnnn!

8 years of friendship. <3 We've grown so much.

I've enjoyed my lunar new yr and I hope you all did too!^^

I have to get serious and work towards a better future. No more idling. Picking myself up from the slumber I was in. I can do it! *pushes aside negativity*

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