Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pre-Lunar New Year Reunion

I've been wanting to get a compact camera for myself since a year ago! My aim was to get it by the end of 2012 but well I didn't. However, I can finally call it MINE! ^^ Got it from Challenger at member's price thanks to Jasrel love.

My chio camera *pose*

Even though not much feel for CNY this year still, I do look forward to it. I just love collecting red packets(^^,) Just left with a few more years to do so. When you're too old, no one thinks you deserve red packets anymore )): Getting married is a different thing. 

I hate how exams have to be around CNY previously during poly times and now, it have to be essays submission -.- Seriously? Another 1.5 years to gooooooo!Go go go!

Had advance reunion dinner at mayim restaurant at northpoint yesterday. The service was just average, nothing commendable. The food not really fantastic but acceptable. We took the set that cost $388++ and added some side dishes( vinegar pig trotter, spicy &sour soup, pork ribs). My favourite sharkfin don't have much taste with plenty of golden mushrooms. However, the portion was pretty generous though. Our bill add up to about $639 for 10 pax.

Previous year's reunion dinner was at Peach Garden and the food is good. Just that portion is quite little to be full. If you want to try you should go for their buffet because I think it's more worth it. Hehe I dare to say so because I was a waitress there last time. I think Paradise Inn is more worth the money in comparison to mayim and the food there is pretty awesome. Yet, there is a price to pay. >.<

And for a good start:

Lou Hei

Everybody HUAT AH!

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