Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunset Grill & Pub

Haven't been very hardworking recently. Exams are coming and I really need to buck up to do well. I have issues with myself. And yet the greatest enemy to fight this battle is myself too. Wish me luck! The harder I work, the luckier I get (by: Samuel Goldwyn); I wish((:

Have I mentioned that I'm back in bangs? A little slow up-to-date. I actually don't know what I prefer and find having long fringe sloppy so chop off it goes! Well When having long fringe my thought was to keep my hair super long and perm it to wavy kind to look more hot? But i guess that not my syllabus. How about looking cute then? 

Sunset Grill at Jalan Kayu with the clique for dinner during the weekends. No reservations are allowed so we ended up waiting for seated for about 30 minutes-.-

Half a dozen of Level 5 Spicy buffalo wings for the spicy takers but I guess I'm the only one that still can tolerate it. The others took a few bites of it and literally like crying out, complaining throughout the whole meal. We did ordered the Level 1 for the not so pro spicy takers and well, as expected, they finished the whole jug of water and milk. Anddddddd, it was a wrong choice to drink milk because I end up having diarrhea 5 times!!!Twice during midnight, my goodness! 

Super soft and crispy calamris. Even those who don't eat sotong likes it! Anyway the portion is not that little, just us greedy pigs had already taken a few to put into our mouth before remembering to take picture. Hahahaha!

Cheese fries which are yummy too^^ The cheese has something mixed in it that it taste different from the normal cheese like Long John's or KFC's. 

And our mini burgers which everyone gobbled down to ease the spiciness. 

I guess the next gathering would be in June after my exams already)): Someone please teach me how to study for all my papers))': 

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