Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye Blackheads Whiteheads!

Exams are getting on my nerves. Anxiety is not helping at all. NEED to learn to curb this fear and calmly study and do my best. I can do this!

Before I gross you out with pictures of my ugly nose, I show you something yummy 1st okay? 

Perks of heading back NYP to study for my exams. Most of our favourite loklok! Damn shiok I tell you. Yea I like it very spicy^^ I'm so greedy to order 4 ingredients. Radish, mushroom ball, cuttlefish and taiwan sausage! Yumms((: 

Okay now the ugly part. Don't criticise my already ugly nose okay. I know how horrible it looks but this is my blog and I choose the contents as I wish. About more than a month ago, my sister was reading yankaykay's blog. She recommended this awesome drugstore brand product that can effectively remove impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads which I can't stand the sight of. Impulsively, she go search for it at Watsons and purchased it. 

We tried it and the result is good! I've tried lots of pore packs and most of them cannot really remove my very stubborn blackheads. This is like a founded treasure. To at least remove a little insecurities and attention away from my big nose)): 

SKINMISO to the rescue!

The remover is an external product. It's sold seperately but we got it at a special price at 20% off. Total about $30. Usual price w/o the remover is already $20+ and the remover is like $19.90.

Follow the steps: 1 is like a serum mask to soften your pores. After like 10 mins, remove it and squeeze ur concerned area with the comedo remover or any of your own which can be bought at about $2 at SaSa. After you are done, do step 2 to tighten your pores. And after 10 mins your are done! Just apply a little of the pore essence for oil control and a matte look!(Btw there's instructions behind the box)

Right side (Before)

Left side (Before)

Pardon my unclear photo due to limited camera resolution.

This is the remover. One side big and the other slightly smaller. It's firm and doesn't break easily. Plus it' bent at the end for the ease of squeezing your clogged pores. Not joking.

After squeezing. Can you see the difference?

Left side (After) Slightly blur. Still not convinced?

Are you convinced now?

This is the finally step where you apply the pore essence. It smells a little rosy and that's the amount you need only. Well if your nose is smaller than you don't have to use this much obviously.

I'm a nobody and I'm not trying to sell the product. But just want to share the beauty products that helped me to look better((:

Till I'm back from my exams((; toodles

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