Sunday, February 16, 2014

Year of Horse 2014

This chinese new year was awesome. Mainly because I do not have school work to worry about yet. The past few years was either exams or assignments. Made pineapple tarts with chubs's sister and its yummy. Not very expert but I think it is good enough for my fussy mouth. The feeling of it melting when you put into your mouth, can you imagine?

On the 30th night, cny eve my family headed to loyang tua bei gong temple to offer prayers for a better and smooth year ahead as most chinese would at any other temples. I got a feeling this is going to be a very good year don't ask me why. JUST THINK POSITIVE LAH!

Creative way to sell an apple. 

And usually on the eve of cny children will stay up late past 12am because it is believed that the later the children stays up, the longevity of their parents increase. And the older we get the less early we sleep so staying up is nt a problem at all.

Day 1 visiting my granddad's brother house. As usual bored when the adults are chatting so I camwhore 😁

My sister and I in our day 1 outfit. Hate how tall shr is already and still wear heels. So tall for what?

My parents in aspicious colour red!

Loving my day 2 outfit because it was so comfy and fluffy. From top to bottom except accessories are from Love Bonito. One of my very favourite blogshop.

Peep of day 3 outfit. Eyes are pretty swollen due to 2 nights of staying up to play. My skin look so good in this picture. And sadly for now it's going to be the last of bangs. I've decided to keep it long. 

And day 4 the usual gathering for steamboat with my secondary school buddies at my place!

Randomly insert this picture. Skin looking too good. Okay I cheat it was a camera app😂

The gambling session begins

9th day along with ny mother and relatives we went to Malaysia to visit our long distant relative there (which I did not know existed) and to play with fireworks. It is illegal in Singapore to even purvhase what more play with it. But it make sense lah with the notorious people if one that is not careful the place will burn.

This pot of food is too good. Forgot what it is called. Our relative is generous enough to open a few bottles of red wine for us. So this is about the new year

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