Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hectic Holidays

Hello! It took me so long to get my ass back here. I guess there is still some love. To make up for the time and money loss, I work almost 5 days a week)): Exam this semester was a pretty long misery, but hard work finally showed some results. You know when I say it is really a hectic holiday. The way I love it with activities filled up all of my time!

Immediately the day after exams, I met the closest uni mates for dinner and chill session! Had this planned before exams. Hahahaha!

At Timbre Art House

The duck pizza as amazing as ever. We camwhored like crazing at The Fullerton Hotel after 'borrowing' their toilet. We ended our night at play nation and I believe we all had a good laughing and enjoyable meet up.

That same weekend also long planned beforehand, my favourite people and I went to JB for korean bbq!

On our way there in AC-7

My girlfriend and as usual,the only girls

Jang Won Korean BBQ near The Zon mall

The sides are always too much! And most of it we don't really know how to appreciate it and it will go to waste. The price is roughly the same as having it in Singapore depending on what you've order and we love it there because it really taste good.

All the hungry beast ready to feast!

It was a rainy holiday and we girls went for manicure and pedicure while the guys go for massage at holiday plaza. What a way to spend our weekend uh? Loving every bit of it!

Then it was adventure cove with the poly clique on the following weekend. So much funnnnn! I always gobbled many mouth of pool water whenever there is wave pool. What are the perks of being a shorty? See those 2 tall ones bending down to accommodate my height in picture taking >:(

Wheee salmon sashi from salmon factory. 500g for only $18!!!
They have other yummy stuffs too like lobster bisque, mushroom soup etc.

Fassler Gourmet at 46 Woodlands Terrace
Opening hours: Mon- Fri 8am-5pm
Sat 8am-1pm
PH and Sun closed

Grilled Salmon Fish Head

Chubs brought me to Nihon Mura at Yio Chu Kang to satisfy my sushi craving and this is something that I must order, of course not forgetting chawanmushi! The best chawanmushi by far I had was from Itacho sushi. Hmmmm

Heehee and last week was Sukiyaki with my angels

I swear this Aged Tofu is freaking awesome

My angels (actually they are devils in disguise)

Always love to do many things ad go to many places so that my time is well spent. Speaking of which I'm happy that my coming Saturday morning is a give back to society moment. Volunteer work at Teck Whye to distribute food supplies to elderly. So grateful because I have received a lot of help from people too and I feel that I need to give back to society to show my appreciation.

There's many more things to do in December. I love December except for my sucky work schedule. But its okay I believe everything else will straighten out. Christmas is one happy festive season and I still have meet ups to fulfill, wedding dinner (I love to attend weddings), wedding lunch reception, chalet and birthday celebrations! So much to do and buy but financial constraint))': and one more month till school reopens again. 2 months of holidays are not enough!

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