Sunday, April 5, 2009

Im so sleepy yet i cant stake a nap cuz if i were to nap,i wont be able to sleep at nite.Was shouted at to wake up 6 plus in de morning to go mandai to offer my prayer to my grandfather.Hell early can cuz i slept at 2am.Well big deal uh?Came back hm cant sleep so online awhile den 12 plus 1pm leave hse go meet colleague at bugis.We go walk walk at de new mall opp bugis junction(no idea bout de name).Big but well kinda lyk bugis street n a bit of far east cuz of de stuffs they sell at de shops thr.Ppl say im crazy cuz work or no work keep gg bugis not sian meh.Well ok la cuz work didnt have time to go walk walk ma.Wanted to go tanning cum swimming but den de weather always dun do de favour so yea.
Otw hm my daddy called n cuz of something we kinda quarrelled n i hung up his call(i noe it's rude).Well used to it i dun give a damn cuz it's always over de same bullshit!Im gonna c if it's another empty promise AGAIN.I ate kfc for lunch n dinner.Not siao cuz eat diff things ma i dun mind cuz oso very long didnt eat le.Felt so bored tat i started watching mv den my sis sugguest to watch 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'.Well it's a nice show.Happy ending.Reflects a bit of me as well.Ok im a girl so naturally i lyk shopping.It's normal juz have to control n limit myself sometimes cuz of cash flow.Need to save oso ma cannot spend every single cent i earn rite.Will heart pain.Haha((;
Sian 2moro afternoon shift again.Work can be fun however tiring but wit tat kpo king around it's no longer de same.Gotta be cautious to avoid mistakes.So stressed.I guess he's targetting on me n well wat can i do?Screw him la!Damn it.Stingy,calculative n self centered.U wan me to respect me i will to be polite.But tat doesnt mean tat im easy to push.U wan me to respect u,u jolly well give me de respect i deserve too!Hypocrite!

It's juz 1 more day!
i cant wait((:

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