Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Went for orientation 2day.Morning actually waking up at 7 plus de end up 6 plus my sis woke me up again.Den shower n met baby for breakfast before heading to sch.As usual im late again.Sorry.Den guess wat?Before i felt hse i forgot to check wher to assemble so went thr feeling very lost but eventually found my way la.Wa talk n talk for wat 2 hrs?Sit on de chair till my butt pain,my leg numb n most of all i almost doze off!Was damn sleepy but manage to stay awake thou.Sch of design only around wat?170 students i think.My course only lyk 50 plus?Den tour n blah blah blah...Games was quite fun uh but im too tired to enjoy myself.And i was very troubled.
I dunno if i'd made de right choice to choose tis course as it'll cost me alot of money.Especially first semester plus those cost materials wa can die.Ask de seniors around how much they juz said alot.Too much to count.Den need cca if i wanna go uni n how de hell can i juggle cca, sch work n part time?Everything oso need commitment i noe.Especially for sch of design no exam only modules n complementory studies n projects.I dunno if im up to it.Haiz.Qns all thrown to me n ans?For me to find out myself.If i wan i muz really do very well cuz i cant jolly well waste so much money n juz did de average uh.I muz do well i muz go uni.Shall not let mummy worry bout me so much.Actions speaks louder.
Was assigned to VC class 1.ID n SID got way more students den VC.My class very few guys mostly girls.Oh well hu cares.Study is de main thing.Strong competition.Im thinking of joining NYAA cuz thr's sports n adventure!I would choose track n field n overseas expedition?I dunno la.Y many a thing involves money?Money is such an issue!But join tat in future it'll be a very strong resume.But tat means i might not be able to work!So how de hell m i gonna handle those material cost?Shall consider.And wth my module de timetable is not out yet.Cant plan anything at all.Slow-.-!Im so exhausted)):

Time spent wit u is juz not enough!
Spending so much time thinking of u.
Im so scared.
Baby hold me tight...

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