Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ytd actually wanted to wake up early go bugis street walk walk awhile before heading to work.Well simply too tired cant wake up.When alarm sounded i reset de time half an hr late n when it rang agaiin i kept pressing snooze 3 times before i wake up.Tis is how tired i am.I noe y be girls so troublesome liao.Other den having period being pregnant n all still need makeup to look 'pretty'.For work la.So lazy to apply it but no choice,cuz of it gotta take up more of my sleeping time.Was asked to help out at topman for de whole day cuz topshop too many staff already.
Ok nth in particular except tis.I was standing near de entrance when tis grp of guys came in.One guy(look more lyk sissy)accidentally bang into me cuz he was moving backwards.Den we collided n i said sorry(dunno y i did anw).He:'Oops!sorry!Really sorry!'Den suddenly grab my shoulder while saying these.I was so taken aback.Shocked!Den felt scared y he suddenly grab my shoulder sia.Ouh god!Eeww.I told my colleague it's so...i dunno how to say.Bleahz.So gay can!He got mascara n blusher on!And his eye lashers are curled.Wit de big eyes looking at me.Goodness me!
Wa lao i very pissed off lorx.Actually supposed to have off next fri den my schedule changed again when i check.F*** la!Everytime didnt tell me or ask me den change my schedule leh.At least ask me la.Change le den expect me work when i already made plans?Gonna c how it goes.Im so damn tired!Hope i can manage when sch starts.No worries i can handle((: Im wan neng de xiaobudian ma((: 只要笑一笑,没有什麼事情过不了.

U've promised tat it wont be an empty promise.
U know how much i hate empty promises uh?

Im so tired tat i cried...
Juz wanna be in ur embrace.So much...
We've still a long long wat to go((:
Missing u more den ever.

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