Thursday, April 9, 2009

Went 2 sch 2day to hand in de form which is not signed by my parents den headed for work.Kept thinking n thinking should i change course?im not sure if i can handle.Maybe i should.I noe im being indecisive n stuffs but well i wished i knew wat i wan n be sure of myself!Den went to work blah n blah.After work no need hse keeping but den cuz got stock taking.Wasnt tat tough thou but only when i cant reach to count de stuffs on top a bit troublesome uh.Need to climb onto de chair n move wit de chair.Part timers can leave early around 11.20pm n wanted to have supper wit colleagues but i need to catch de last train so juz went to 7 eleven to get something to munch on.Very stressed.Haiz.How uh?Can anybody tell me?!Ouh god)): I've lose weight!one of my skinnies tat used to be tight fitting now has some extra cloth.Nvm nvm.Will gain back one.Im still fretting over de course thingy.Aiyo eh!

With u around,
i need not think so much.
Somehow made me less stressful.
U're my antidote.
To anything,everything.ILU.

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