Thursday, May 7, 2009

Late again as usual.Sorry guys n girls.Will try to be on time.This time not excuses but it's de bloody traffic jam!Nvm.I've signed up for campus run competitive!Great.I gotta start training n building up my stamina.And for de sake of cca points cuz im cca-less.SAD uh?Drats!After sch went to library slack awhile while waiting for dilys to be done.Was thr wit jasper n karhao.And belinda n eve went for blood donation.Was chatting n playing wit karhao's specs while jasper is dunno doing wat wit his lappy.Soon after karhao left i called dilys n she's on her way so left for mrt station wit jasper to meet her.
Headed to far east n bought de cardigan hoodie i waited so long.But not grey thou,it's navy blue.She got a white one.Dirty nvm can bleach.HAha.Grey kinda common n i've got a grey jacket already.So yea.
Was suppposed to meet zoe for dinner but she gastric already so eat first.Dilys acc to me to ps for subway.We chat bout sch stuffs n all.DEn time to go work.Sian but ok la quite fast de time passes.Thx zoe!For de skirt n textbk.Rmb my textbk uh!U're my best fren.Haha.So farhan rite?Lols.2moro got IT test leh:x thou it's mcq but still.Can imagine IT idiot doing It test?Tsk so pathetic man.Wish me loads of luck!Gg to study it!
Only 2 pics wit n of dilys.She camera shy la cant blame her.

De best of 3 taken.
Subway!Dilys say Cheez((:

How do i look wit karhao's specs?Hehe^^ Kinda stupid uh?

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