Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloody hell!My lappy cant logon to de sch's network.Argh!Damn frustrating can.Everybody else can use except me.Hen SIAN de leh...After sch i saw NAZ!HAha we chatted all de way to Mrt station.Onw oso saw amos n den lao k.Wow!Coincidence.Headed to chong pang to help lynn get her fbt top.Since im thr den i texted B asking wher's he cuz can meet him at his hse ma den no replies.Zzz.When i got on de bus den he reply me-.- too late Sleepyhead.Missed me.Maybe thurs thou.Went hm to put my stuffs den went out to meet fishy n girlfren at khatib mac.Hand aching frm de damn heavy lappy n lecture notes.Disturb girlfren study, plus adding on to de noise pollution at mac when many are studing for their mid yr.Sadden.Gee^^ 3 photos taken only.Lucky qianyu's phone batt flat or not i kana oso.Heng uh.Wanted to go for blood donation 2moro but den besides flu i dun meet de requirement criteria for being a donor)): sobsob.Im apparently not over 45kg.Muz at least be 45kg.And i juz weigh myself n i lose 2 kg again.Fucking light now.Very sian leh.Aren't i supposed to be studying rit now?IT ouh IT.Ah chill.Will do soon.

Damn blur can!
Eh!Wat u trying to do uh?


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