Monday, June 29, 2009

2day do html research till i gg crazy liao le~!!!Ok dun wanna blabber on n on bout projects.Went hm n headed to beancurd city wit lover they'll plus alvin.Cycling after tat,yishun park n den hm.So damn sian uh~
Juz some random thots.
Time passes in a blink of an eye.Everybody go their seperate ways.Some old frens forgotten when new frens made.Some made an effort to keep in touch.I hate being forgotten.I dare say tat Im one tat would never forget my old frens even thr's new frens.They helped me throu difficult times,n stayed wit me throu it all.Added colours to my life n widen my horizon.Encouragements frm them is something tat they gave me lyk unspoken supports.They taught me to ditch 'frens' tat never really cared.Bitch wit me n laugh lyk crazy wit me.Ppl hu says it's temporary insanity i say it's lively.I cant imagine life w/o frens.Im always afraid close frens would leave me cuz it took me a walk throu de maze getting hurt a lot before these treasures are found.Every moment spent are memories deeply etched in my mind,engraved on my heart.Being insightful is one thing i would lyk to share wit them.I learned a lot n grown a lot.If i were to die now n thr's only a wish i could make.Tat would be to be remembered by all my wonderful frens n never be forgotten.Tat's all i asked for.Being forgotten is de worse ever thing to happen to anyone or at least to me.

And to ans to my girlfren's used to ask qns:Wat are frens to u?Girlfren, tis is my ans to u n de others as well((:
To me frens are lyk gems.Precious yet hard to find.Once found muz be a lil selfish n keep them well.Fren are ppl whom u can go to no matter u're happy or sad.Who are more den willing to share ur sorrows n happiness together wit u.Lend u their shoulders to lean on when u need support de most n to cry on when u feel broken.When u'd achieved something they would be proud of u.Whom love u for hu u are n not want to change a single thing bout u.Try to protect u n not let u get hurt.Frens get jealous cuz u mean something to them.Frens scold u n say sorry after a quarrel cuz they juz wan u to noe ur fault n not afraid of offending u.Be truthfully towards u.Whom would never take u for granted.Friends come and go.But the ones that stays are the ones that glow((:
This is wat friends meant to me.
And de best way to noe if u're a gd fren is to ask urself tis simple qns.If u were to choose,would u want u as a fren?

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