Friday, August 7, 2009

Woohoo!Ytd was tiring man.Late for an hr for project but went thr n did nth much either.Can c karhao very stress liao.Im sorry man.I couldnt help much cuz i suck at sharepoint.I wish im better at it so i wont feel so useless.Having me in a grp is lyk redundant la~Sorry i juz cant help thinking im lyk tat ok.After lesson waited for mr tan for lyk 1.5hr before heading to kpool.De girls didnt noe n wanna pool so went kbox instead.I pooled wit teacher n de guys.Den half way go sing some songs wit de girls too.Took some random photos will load it in facebk.Finished around 10 or so.Go for dinner den homed.It's fri le.So fast siol.Meaning nearer to exams.Ahhh...Muz study leh.Shouldnt procrastinate n laze about le.Muz get those qns marks to solid ans.And get those bloody hard facts into my brain man.

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