Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Laogong n me
Me n qingaide

Went back to NBSS ytd see all my ex-classmates n teachers feels so great!Reminiscing~Hugging chatting n laughing de feeling is amazing.Our forever craziness.Stayed for de concert n only de stomp one is nice.zzz.Goah I really miss those days thr man!2E1 N 4 TENACITY!Teacher yelling at us to keep awake in class, shouting at us to keep our noise level down lecturing us for our attire.Well well.Things change ppl change.WE still moved on wit memories etched in our mind n heart.Haha.Yeah later gg chalet le.HOpe will be very fun uh.Meanwhile ppl MISS ME uh!!!Haha

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